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A common question we get here at Premier Concrete Contractors of Shreveport is how much concrete flatwork costs. No matter what type of flatwork you need, whether asphalt, flatwork repair, or simply flatwork contractors, one question looms in the minds of everyone: how much will it cost?

You’re going to get the answer you don’t want from every driveway contractor and patio contractor. In every single case, you will get the answer “it depends”. Despite concrete patio installers and other companies’ claims that it depends on many factors, a face-to-face meeting greatly increases your chances of making a deal with them. In an industry where deck and patio contractors are commodities, we have to stand out in order to be chosen over the other contractors.

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Most people looking for concrete driveway costs are looking to redo or repair their driveway unless they are building their own home or looking at a concrete driveway DIY job. When concrete is poured, it can take a while for the concrete to set up due to a lack of rebar or poor workmanship by the builder. No matter what type of driveway you need, we handle it.

Concrete Driveway Installation

Visitors and neighbors are likely to notice your concrete driveway first. As well as being a place to park your car, it is also a place to set up spring cleaning sales and a place for your children to play. Adding a coating to concrete driveways not only makes them more attractive but also makes them more enjoyable to use. Our Concrete Texturing company installs concrete driveway systems at Shreveport Louisiana homes. The main focus of our team is always your satisfaction when it comes to concrete coating systems. Get an estimate from us today.

Choose The Right Concrete System & Team

Concrete driveways are built by the right team, so you need to choose the right one for the job. Your driveway will remain beautiful, colorful, and texture for many years with the right system, while it will fade and chip quickly with the wrong system.

It’s no secret that Concrete Texturing has seen its fair share of failed concrete driveway systems. Fortunately, we have the experience necessary to make these mistakes right. Our driveways are built to meet the demands of a high-traffic area, to allow people to safely walk on them, and to display them for the public to see. Taking these factors into account, we will choose the best concrete coating system to enhance the curb appeal of your home for years to come.

Concrete Patio Installation Options

Patios are one of your property’s most versatile areas. Barbecue grills are popular here, so many set up their barbecues here. Others may wish to set up a collection of plants or flowers on their patio.

Patios can also be used as places to relax, unwind, and lounge. If you want a beautiful, comfortable, and durable patio surface, you must consider it when designing it.

A concrete patio system from Concrete Texturing is unique and comfortable, not only because of its unique style but also because of its wide range of colors and finishes. We provide you with a beautiful space for your Shreveport Louisiana home that lasts for years without damage. Decorative concrete can be installed by us if you are interested.

How To Choose The Best System

The look of your concrete patio doesn’t have to be exactly what you want. Picking the right contractor for your home’s safety and satisfaction is the most important decision. In addition to applying concrete stains, designing random stone patterns, creating hand-drawn flagstones, and coating concrete with a texture and color system, Concrete Texturing also applies concrete coating systems. If you would like the new installation to look similar to your current patio, we can recommend the best system for you.

Concrete Patio Inspections & Repairs

You should inspect and repair your concrete patio regularly, whether it was installed by us or another contractor. By conducting regular inspections, we are able to detect small issues before they become major problems.
It’s unlikely you’ll have any problems with your system if we installed it. Nevertheless, our inspections enable you to identify potential causes for patio damage in order to prevent it from occurring. In the event that damage is discovered, we will make the repairs as quickly as possible so that your concrete patio is as safe and beautiful as it was at the time of installation.