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In Shreveport Louisiana, we provide concrete floor coatings

There are many cases of abuse that concrete floors can withstand. If you have concrete floors in your home or business, your concrete floor coating is your best defense against abrasion, which can cause cracks, pits, and deterioration. The purpose of concrete epoxy floor coatings is to protect your floor and prolong its life against a variety of accidents that can destroy it. In addition to concrete floor coating products for the home or the workplace, Premier Concrete Contractors of Shreveport also offers a wide range of other concrete products.

The professional application of our specialized coatings can increase the value and prevent dangerous slip-and-fall accidents in a wide range of areas around your home and business, including basements, outdoor walkways, factory floors, concrete stairs, patios, and garages. In addition to being protective, safe, and functional, our floor coatings are available in several colors and textures.

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Our Concrete Floor Coatings Protect Your Floors In Sherveport Louisiana

A considerable advance has been made in the technology of floor coatings. Concrete floor coatings no longer need to be reapplied yearly, continuously maintained, and patched as necessary. Coatings for concrete floors today last longer. Your commercial, industrial, or home slab will last longer with these new manufactured coatings because they are far more resilient.

Instead of simply providing a topical protectant, protective concrete floor coatings bond directly to your concrete. In contrast to early concrete floor coatings, concrete epoxy creates a strong chemical bond with your floor by reacting with the resins and hardening materials. Although you will need to maintain your slab flooring, it will be easy to maintain, long-lasting, and, ultimately, more economical than ever.

Concrete floor coatings also provide anti-slip qualities. No matter if your floor is in a commercial setting, an industrial setting, or in your home, it will be safe. Injuries and liabilities associated with slips and falls will be reduced for you, your customers, employees, and loved ones.

Durable and Stylish Residential Floor Coatings

Residential Floor Coatings with Durability and Style

Choosing the right flooring materials is the best way to keep your home in top condition. Our experts atPremier Concrete Contractors of Shreveport can install a new or improved floor system in various places around your home.

Our residential concrete coatings will make your home more durable and attractive for many years to come. Your property will benefit from comprehensive services in and around every room:

Basement Floor Coatings
Pool Deck Flooring
Patio Coatings
…and more!
Concrete Prices

The yard will determine the concrete price if you order from a ready mix supplier. You’ll pay according to square footage if you work with a contractor.

What does a yard of concrete cost?

Estimate concrete costs by using a ballpark figure of $125 per yard. A ready mix delivery fee, as well as labor charges, will vary from region to region and will be paid by you if you hire a contractor.